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How To Paint The Bathroom Properly

Painting your bathroom can definitely be a hard task, but it can be one of the easiest ways to create a peaceful oasis where you can reflect and relax in style and comfort. Since a bathroom is one of those areas in the house that used most often, it is important to make sure that the bathroom space is inviting and has a great atmosphere. Although it may appear like a straightforward undertaking, there are a lot of things that you have to figure out before the process can begin. Here is how to paint your bathroom properly:

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Pick Your Colour Palette

Depending on the atmosphere that you are looking to create and your vision for your space, there are numerous paint and colour options out there to suit your style. Because a bathroom is often the smallest space in the house, be sure not to underestimate the amount of paint that you may require. Be sure to purchase plenty of paint for at least 2 coats.

Plan It Out

Plan out the process by picking the right gear and equipment if you want the task completed as fast as possible.

Clear The Room

Move any displays, accessories, hardware or decorative shelving to avoid damage. You should also consider taping your fixtures or knobs if you do not want paint on them.

Protect Your Floors

Cover your floors completely using drop cloths and lay them as close to the baseboards as you can.  Try not to use plastic as it is non-absorbent and a drop of paint can cause a slippery fall. Use painter’s tape on the framing and baseboards to make cutting in easier. Remove the tape when the paint is still wet for a perfect finish.

Remove Old Paint & Fill In Any Cracks

Using a scraper, get rid of any peeling or flaking paint and wear protective goggles while doing it to protect your eyes. Clear any dust or debris on the cracks using a paintbrush to ensure that you have a clean and undisturbed surface for painting. Also, consider using masking tape to define the areas on your surface.


Using a primer is critical for professional looking results. If you are not sure about the primer to use or if you should use one, you should seek advice from a bathroom painting expert.

Paint The Trim

Painting the trim work before the walls are painted is an essential step in the process. After painting the trim, start painting the ceiling using a roller. The roller should glide in one direction, moving fast to avoid using excess pressure.

As mentioned earlier, bathrooms are one of the most used areas of the home. Make sure yours looks amazing by using the professional bathroom painting services of A Burst Of Colour today. Contact us for your no-obligation consultation and get your project started.

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