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Best Time For Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Best Time For Painting Your Home’s Exterior A fresh coat of paint can help to transform the exterior of your home, as well as increase the value of your property. As long as you rely on a [...]

How Hiring A Professional Painter Increases Property Value

Professional Painter It is no secret that a home’s curb appeal determines its value more than not. A fresh coat of paint applied correctly by a professional painter can give the home a new look [...]

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Painting Contractor

Painting Contractor There are painting contractors that give the industry a bad name with their dishonest billing and poor quality of work. Here at A Burst of Colour, we see customers coming to [...]

How To Paint Older Homes

Home Painting Older homes require special attention while painting. Here at A Burst of Colour, we often get customers wondering how to paint older homes with the fear that they might damage some [...]

How To Prepare Your Home for Painting

Home Painting Painting a house is not the easiest of tasks but with the right preparation, half the work is done. There is more to proper painting than just picking the right colours and tools. [...]

How to Fix Common Painting Problems

If you own an old house, then it’s likely that the paint on the walls is the main reason why your house looks old, run down or worn. As much as having a well-furnished house is important, [...]

Things To Consider When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Home Exterior Painting Preparing your home’s exterior can be the most time-consuming step in the exterior painting process, especially if you want to do this on your own. Working with a [...]

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