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Cabinet Remodelling

Studies show that a simple kitchen remodeling job can bump up the value of a home by a few thousand dollars. Cabinet remodeling is one of the best remodeling ideas to try in the kitchen. This is because kitchen cabinet remodeling makes a big visual impact in the kitchen and attracts focus more than any other element in the room.

There are a few advantages of doing cabinet remodeling over installing new cabinets altogether.

  • Saves time: A cabinet remodeling job can be done in one day while installing new cabinets in a standard kitchen takes 3-5 days.
  • Saves on cost: A remodeling job will typically cost half of what a new installation would cost. No new framework is required and this saves the bulk of the money.
  • You can still put in your choice of doors and colors
  • You will not need any permits


Does Cabinet Painting Work For All Cabinets?

Generally, cabinet remodeling can be done on any cabinet as long as it is structurally sound. Some people wrongly pull down their existing cabinets when they need more space. This is the wrong approach. Installing additional matching cabinets is better and saves on cost. This can be custom made to fit the profile of the existing cabinets.

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How Permanent Is Cabinet Remodelling?

Here at A Burst of Colour, we use a highly innovative double lamination process that ensures durability. A thin wood substrate is first bonded to the existing surface.  This is then covered with a layer of laminate remodeling material or natural wood. This process gives an additional protective layer ensuring that your cabinets last longer.

You will choose from over 300 veneer and door combinations in laminate and natural wood products, colors and styles. All recommended products are heat and scratch resistant, and will not warp from kitchen humidity.


Is Cabinet Remodelling Cost-Effective?

Cabinet remodeling works on the existing cabinet framework. This means you save on materials and labor. The shorter period of the job translates to lower costs as the painting contractor will use fewer people on the job. The money saved on this project can then be used for other kitchen remodeling projects, for example. installing new lighting, or changing the countertops. This is better than having entirely new cabinets while the rest of the kitchen remains dull.


Is Cabinet Remodelling Environmentally Friendly?

In addition to saving money, you will also help conserve Planet Earth’s meager green resources. Cabinet remodeling uses fewer timber products which translate into fewer trees being cut down. This option can be said to be eco-friendly.

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