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Ceiling Painting

Any painting contractor will tell you that painting a ceiling is one of the more challenging painting jobs. In the days gone by, painting a ceiling using a brush or roller meant spending hours in a torturous posture. Luckily spray painting has done much to make ceiling painting easier and less backbreaking. However, ceiling painting still needs more planning and care in the job for it to come out as desired. This is possible to do with a few ceiling painting tips.


Get The Right Ceiling Paint & Equipment

A paint sprayer is the best for ceiling painting. It is easier to move about and is more comfortable on the painter. It is also less likely to make flashing lines on the ceiling. The recommended paint for the ceiling is the latex type with a minimal sheen. Oil and solvent-based paints are not advisable for environmental and safety concerns (flammable materials).


Ceiling Painting Techniques

Ceilings are normally painted white. In this case, it is advisable to paint one coat in one direction followed by another coat in the opposite direction. This ensures that the steeple is properly covered and no flashing lines are visible. If the ceiling is getting painted another color other than white, more than one coat in the same direction can be applied.

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Proper Ceiling Painting Preparation

If ceiling painting is being done in a new house, there are fewer concerns about the paint dripping onto the walls or floor. But extra care is needed in a house that is already in use. There is considerable risk of the paint dripping onto the carpet, furniture and the walls. The preparation can be done as follows:

  • Remove all breakable items on the walls like hung pictures and accent lighting
  • Run 12-inch wide paper on the ceiling line at the top edge of the wall. Use sticky tape to hold the paper in place
  • Drape 9-feet plastic down the walls to touch the floor to keep paint off the walls
  • Any furniture that cannot be moved should be draped in plastic
  • Cover the floor with plastic sheeting or old newspapers


Wall Painting

Even with proper care, it is not uncommon for a few drops to get on the walls during ceiling painting. The sticky tape at the top edge of the wall may also come out with unstuck wall paint. It is advisable to keep a can of the old wall paint for touching up when this happens.

Here at A Burst of Colour, we have skilled painters who have good experience in ceiling painting. Engage us for a professional ceiling painting job for the desired results.

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