If you find that your exterior deck has lost its allure, and is now looking worn down. Contact the painting professionals at A Burst of Colour for all you deck painting and staining needs.

Deck Painting and Staining

Give your deck the facelift it needs.

If you want to change the appearance of your deck railing, it can be hard trying to decide between deck painting and staining. When you stain your deck, you allow the wood’s natural beauty to shine through. However, stained decks often have to be redone.

On the other hand, you can paint your deck instead of staining it to protect the wood. Sadly, you risk losing that wonderful texture and wood grain that makes all the difference. Unfortunately, there is no simple this or that answer as to whether you should paint or deck. Your decision is entirely dependent on your vision for your deck, as well as your budget.

Deck painting

Deck painting is the best way to give your deck the long lasting protection that you desire. Today, high-quality water-based latex paints are the best to rely on as they tend to perform much better than oil-based paints. High-quality paint may cost you more, but it will also withstand the fluctuations of moisture much better.

This is because paint forms a thick film of protection on the surface that resists moisture and blocks the sun’s harmful rays. When a deck paint job is handled correctly by a professional, it can give you service for as long as 10 years before it has to be repainted. Please note that painting a deck is often messy and it requires a lot of organization skills and preparation to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Deck staining

If you opt to stain your deck instead of painting it, you should know that you will not enjoy the same results as a painted one. Stains are absorbed deep into the wood filling the gaps that would otherwise absorb moisture. Yes, this action is sufficient enough to protect your deck, but it has to be re-done severally for long-lasting protection.

Fortunately, wood stains today are manufactured with the latest technology and many are formulated using wood preservatives that help to stop the rot. If you are looking into refining the look of an older deck, stains do not limit your options moving forward. You can switch easily from stained decks to painted decks but the process is a little more complicated if you are moving from a painted deck to a stained one.

A good paint job that has been done by a professional can be stained by using a high-opacity stain. If the painted deck has flaked, the original paint has to be stripped down and sanded as part of the prep. This true for many exterior painting processes.

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