How to Paint Wooden Decks and Fences

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A fresh coat of paint on the fence and deck can do a lot to boost your home’s curb appeal. However, painting wooden decks and fences are slightly different from painting a wall. Fences and decks will usually be dirty because of exposure to the elements and dust. Fences will usually have growing plants on them as well. How can you paint wooden fences and decks easily?


Correct preparations

Good preparation is essential for the paint to adhere well on the surface. The layer of dirt acts as a barrier, preventing paint from reaching the surface. Use a pressure washer to completely clean the surface. After the surface dries up to use a sandpaper to scrape away the old paint. Sanding also smoothens the surface for easier paint application.

Priming bare spots is advisable if you are painting the wood rather than staining it. For darker colors, it is best to use a tinted primer.


Correct equipment and product

When painting wooden decks. Latticework and fences for the first time, it is advisable to use a paint sprayer. This works better for hard to reach angles.

If you want to bring out the beauty of the wood, staining works better than painting. The stain soaks into the wood. This highlights the wood’s natural appearance and lines. The stain also protects the wood against moisture and foot traffic.

Painting works better if you want a variety of colours. This works well if the wood is not of high quality and naturally beautiful.  Paint offers a layer of protection for wood that sees heavy foot traffic.  Paint can be used to detail the wood very well.

Apply stain with a thick brush. This works best because stains are thin and runny. The correct technique is applying the stain, leaving it a few minutes and then wiping off the excess. You should also take care to stop at section breaks to avoid overlaps.

Working with a sprayer is easier when painting decks as the paint get into the narrow cracks between the boards. Remember to protect surfaces that do not need painting e.g. windows. You can use a piece of cardboard or a drop sheet.


Best time to work

You should be aware of the weather forecast in 24-48 hours. Never paint or stain in rainy weather. The rain will wash away the paint or stain. You should allow the surface to dry for at least 2 days after applying the last coat. Keep pets and children off the decking, and wait at least 2 days before moving back the furniture.

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