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Exterior Painting In Calgary

Exterior painting is a broad term form wood finish to stucco, painting of exteriors is different project-to-project. A Burst Of Colour offers a wide range of professional exterior painting services, whether you have a large multi-level estate property or modest bungalow, an industrial building or retail storefront A Burst Of Colour Painting guarantees the highest quality painting services.

Whether you require exterior painting for a house or an office building, A Burst Of Colour professioanl painting services has got you covered. Generally, exterior paint is going to be more durable and different than interior painting products because exterior paint has to withstand the natural elements such as sunlight exposure, hail, rain and snow. As an exterior painting company in Calgary and surrounding areas, A Burst Of Colour will consider the materials used on your home or commercial property to determine the type of paint and application method that will best suit your needs. Calgary has a very diverse climeat, and climate is an important factor when considering what paint to use snow, sunlight, rain, wind, hail and varying temperatures that are brought on by Chinooks can fade exterior paint and fade it quickly. Different types of paint work better for the Calgary climate and work to protect your property against different climates and changing weather all year rounf. A latex based paint will work better in sunny and dry climates while acrylic latex paints are flexible and can breath and will last much longer. When choosing an exterior paint it is important to consider areas that will be exposed to excess humidity and moisture. Areas prone to moisture may require a paint that is mold-resistant.

If you require exterior painting in Calgary contact A Burst Of Colour, we’d love to help you with your exterior painting project. Whether you need a simple house washing or paint touch up, a full repaint or restoration we have you covered.

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Exterior Painting Services

Having a shabby or peeling exterior paint job can quickly ruin your home’s appearance and hinder the curb appeal. A Burst Of Colour Painting provides professional exterior painting services that can help to restore your home’s exterior beauty with a fresh and updated exterior painting job that uses quality painting products.

Applying a fresh coat of exterior paint is one of the best and easiest home improvement projects. A clean coat of paint can make to the outside of the exterior of your home immaculate, improving the look and value of the property. At A Burst Of Colour, it doesn’t matter what exterior paint project we are undertaking, we always ensure quality. From stucco painting, brick painting, wood siding painting, cedar shingle painting, or wood trim painting you can be assured that the services we provide and the products we use are of the utmost quality. Our exterior painting services include:

  • Residential Exterior Painting
  • Commercial Exterior Painting
  • Exterior Wood Painting
  • Deck Staining
  • Composite Exterior Painting
  • Vinyl & Aluminum Siding Painting
  • Fascia & Eavestrough Painting
  • Stucco Coatings & Painting
  • Railing Painting
  • Fence Painting

If you are looking for quality Calgary painting from a professional painting company contact A Burst Of Colour for a free, no-obligation exterior painting estimate.

Exterior Painting Process

At A Burst Of Colour, our goal is to make the entire exterior painting process as convenient as possible for our clients ensuring we avoid disrupting their life. After you schedule a consultation and we begin exterior painting, our team will make sure:

  • We confirm the colour of paint and the sheen.
  • Request that you move patio furniture, BBQ’s, plants and other exterior living from the exterior walls.
  • Answer questions you have about your painting project.

The painting preparation is often the most tedious and time-consuming step in the painting process, at A Burst Of Colour we ensure the following is done on every home or business exterior before we begin painting:

  • Cover the plants, trees, and exterior decking.
  • Remove exterior mildew and mold that has developed on the exterior.
  • Fill the holes and cracks on the exterior walls.
  • Power wash and clean the surface of the exterior to prepare for exterior painting.
  • Apply caulking and waterproof windows and doors of the home.

“Must-Knows” For Exterior Painting

If you are looking for a great home improvement project to give your home an updated look, feel and curb appeal consider an exterior painting project. Exterior painting is a cost effective way to make a world of difference, improving its look and increasing its value. When undergoing an exterior paint job consider these exterior painting tips:

  1. Consider Mother Nature: Planning is essential for any painting or home improvement project. Depending on the season of the year the paint process can vary, and the look of the colour can fluctuate. Having a good understanding of the pattern of your local weather, natural climate and the seasonal change will determine your homes exterior paint. When painting choose a dry season when you have little rain and reduced moisture to paint the exterior. Paint often requires time to dry and will often not stick to damp surfaces.
  2. Choose Quality Over Cost: If you use quality paint and painting materials you will require less paint and it will last substantially longer. Quality paints better cover the exterior of the home while using better technology. Home owners are often tempted to go with a lesser quality paint for the sake of cost but the less expensive brands often wear much quicker and require repair or reapplication.
  3. Scrape & Wash The Exterior:  Paint often doesn’t stick to uneven, coarse or grimy/dirty surfaces. Before you begin exterior painting it is recommended to thoroughly clean the exterior before paint is applied. After the exterior is cleaned it is important to let the exterior dry before the new coat of paint is put on and any old paint should be scraped off to ensure the new paint sticks.
  4. Do Not Paint Old Or Worn Siding: Paint will often not stick to old wood or decaying siding if your siding is old or worn out it may need to be replaced.  Paint will continue to weaken the rotting or decaying exterior system. If your exterior is rotting you can either replace the small area, replace the full exterior or use a wood filler.
  5. Use Primer: Even when buying a paint & primer mix (all-in-one solution) it is still recommended to apply an exterior primer to the home. Primer is needed if you are drastically changing or altering the colour of the exterior walls or siding. An exterior primer helps to cover up colors and stains that were left on the wall while also adding a layer that allows the top coat of paint to look evenly coated and stick to the wall.
  6. Combine Gallons Of Paint For Uniformity: Combining the paint that was purchased into a larger mixing pail is called “boxing”. Boxing will help a painter avoid colour inconsistencies and ensure a uniform and evenly applied for a paint job. Boxing involves mixing and pouring multiple gallons of paint into a larger bucket and stirring the paint thoroughly to evenly mix the paint. Boxing helps to ensure that any mistakes in mixing at the paint store won’t translate to the exterior of a home or business.
  7. Prepare & Protect The Landscape: Proper preparation and planning is essential, it is easy to forget and overlook just how messy things get while painting the exterior of the home. Before you begin painting ensure you protect the grass, driveway, flowers, bushes as well as any other plants beneath the area you will be painting. It is recommended to relocate or cover up any exterior furniture, grills, hoses, etc. When painting use drop cloths and coverings, arranging them in a corner or safely wrap them around the objects for protection.
  8. Paint from Top To Bottom: Beginning your painting from the very top and painting downwards helps to manage and minimize streaks and dripping,  working with the natural gravity instead of against it. Drips are unavoidable; however, this technique will help you to feather out errors and have the best looking exterior paint job possible.
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