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Dirty and aged doors and windows can make your house look dingy and take away its curb appeal. Doors, sills and baseboards will fade over time door to exposure to the elements. That is why you need to repaint them regularly. A new coat of paint can transform your home’s look for the better and boost the curb appeal. How do you make your doors, frames and baseboards look good as new?

Proper preparation


Proper preparation ensures that paint adheres to the surface better and lasts longer. Window and door frames that are exposed will accumulate dust and other pollutants over time. Handrails experience lots of friction which leaves dirt on them.
You should start by pressure washing the surface. After the surface dries, use a hand scraper to take off peeling paint and the remaining grit. Use sandpaper members 60-80 to sand exterior surfaces, and 80-120 for interiors. Sand away until the surface is smooth without any tangible bumps. Wipe the dust with a damp cloth.
Next, you need to caulk any nail holes and other cracks and gaps in the trim or baseboards. Caulking keeps out the moisture. Remember to tape off surfaces which do not need paint.
For bare wood trim, you need to apply a primer before applying paint. Use a small roller or brush to do this. Applying a primer ensures the paint adheres properly. However, vinyl trim does not need priming.


You need semi-gloss or high-gloss paint for the trim. This accents the colour and makes it lustrous. Gloss paint is also easily washable and provides protection against moisture damage. The order of painting depends on the job, whether the surrounding areas are being painted or not. You can apply the priming and first coat on the baseboards, and then put them up before applying the second coat.

Doing the cleanup


It is easy to wash latex paint off brushes using soap and water. For oil-based paint, you need a thinner. You should also take off the masking tape carefully to avoid ripping the paint. Use a sharp knife to make neat lines. Collect the other debris that has fallen on the drop sheet and dispose it. If there are wayward paint drops, use a wet rag to clean them off.
Painting doors, frames and baseboards is not a hard project. But you may not have the time to do it. Here at A Burst of Color Painting, we handle such projects for you in a highly professional and skilled way. Call us for any painting jobs.

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