Things To Consider When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

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Home Exterior Painting

Preparing your home’s exterior can be the most time-consuming step in the exterior painting process, especially if you want to do this on your own. Working with a professional painting company or contractor can ensure a quality paint application. That being said, there are some things to keep in mind if you are doing your exterior painting yourself and want to get some outstanding results. When painting the exterior of your home consider:

Prepare The Homes Landscape

Keep in mind that paint contains lots of toxins, not to mention it can easily stain plenty of items as well. So, it’s crucial to use drop cloths to protect things like hoses, grills, the yard, and furniture. This is crucial to keep in mind, and it will help you stay away from damages to the landscape of the home.

Add Some Grit To The Paint

There will be situations when the painted exteriors will end up being way too slick if you use only paint. Adding a bit of fine sand to the paint will give it traction. Additives or play sand are some of the best ways to add grit to the paint, and they do bring in that sense of texturing to the exterior of the home.

Make Sure To Seal The Paint Containers

The entire exterior painting process can take a few days, so you don’t want to leave your paint exposed to air, as it can change in colour and viscosity. By covering the containers you can make sure that you avoid any issues and challenges that can complex the products and the process.

Try To Paint From Top To Bottom

Since paint can easily drip, you want to paint starting from the top, and then you work your way towards the bottom of the home. This method will help keep issues like dripping to a minimum and ensure your homes exterior looks great when finished.

Use A Large Container To Mix Paint Types

When painting your homes exterior mix the paint into a larger bucket. The idea is to use an equal amount for both colours and mix all the paint into a large mixing container to ensure all the colours from the paint are the exact same. This will give you the best possible results, and a long-lasting and balanced exterior.

Use Primer With The Exterior Paint

Apply some primer to the exterior. After the primer is applied to the homes exterior, you can use some colour paint. The reason is simple; primer will allow the colored paint to be applied easier, not to mention that the overall quality will be better and the exterior paint will last longer.

In the end, it’s safe to say that painting your home will be a challenge, but there are many ideas and ways you can use to minimize the risks and the problems associated with exterior paintint. Aside from the ideas listed above, make sure that you don’t add paint to the rotten siding and that you sand and wash the surface before applying any paint! Of course, you also need to keep in mind the type of climate you live in and what paint is needed to best protect your home and its exterior. Try to purchase the right painting products to ensure you get the best exterior paint job for your home. For residential exterior painting contact A Burst Of Colour for a free consultation.

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