Looking to breath new life into that old chipped and cracked fence? Then A Burst of Colour has the answer for you. Give your fence a new look with our fence painting and staining services.

Fence Painting

Should Fences be Painted?

Although it may not look like it, fences play a huge role when you need to make a difference in the way your home’s exterior appears. Painting or staining your fence is a great way to ensure that your fence lasts thanks to the protection that the staining or paint provides. Fence painting stops mold from growing as a result of contact with rain, snow, and dirt.

Fence painting is also critical as it prevents the wood from warping and twisting, which can get worse with continued exposure to the sun and the rain. Your fence is an important part of your home or property and it provides the security, and privacy needed to make you feel safe and sound. Furthermore, a well-maintained fence can add some curb appeal to your property which is needed if you are trying to sell your house.


How regularly should fences be painted?

Moisture should be avoided at all costs because it is what destroys most fences. Fence painting or fence staining is important as it provides a layer of paint that prevents moisture from destroying the wood underneath. How often you decide to stain or paint your fence will be dependent on the type of weather that you experience the most in your region.

In particular, if you live in a rainy area, fence painting should be done on a regular basis. Professional fence painters recommend that you should paint your fence at least every two to three years. Alternatively, the lack of beading on your fence can be a sure sign that you need to get your fence painted or stained.

When water or moisture stops beading on the surface of your nick, it is an indicator that it is being soaked up instead. If left unchecked, it can cause some serious damage that could be more costly to repair later on.


Paint or stain?

There has always been some debate about which is better between painting and staining a fence. The truth is that both choices will be effective in protecting your fence from the elements. While the decision is entirely yours, there are still some things that you should keep in mind such as:

  • Fence painting tends to be slightly cheaper than staining. However, it also does require more maintenance work depending on the weather and the quality of paint that you opt to use.
  • The cost of staining is slightly cheaper at the beginning compared to buying gallons of paint. But consequently, you need more stain than you need paint so the price is higher in the end or just about the same.

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