Have your home look like new again with A Bust Of Colours Hallway Painting for the interior of your home. Let us fix any dings or scuffs you may have.

Hallway Painting

Hallways and corridors are often overlooked when the rest of house is being painted. Some homeowners say that these are high traffic areas and the paint is not going to last anyway. But the hallway and corridor need as much attention as the other areas of the house, perhaps even more because they are highly visible.

You can make hallways more stylish to match the rest of the areas in your home. A fresh coat of paint on the hallway to complement the colours of the surrounding areas will overhaul the look in your home. If you are looking to spice up the look of your home, the hallway should be integral to the makeover.

But painting the hallway may not be the easiest of projects. Here at A Burst of Color, we have the colour experts that will transform your hallways. These are professional painters that have worked on hallways and staircase in a variety of homes.

What is our expert process?

A Burst of Color takes every project seriously. We start by understanding what you need from the painting project. We do colour consulting with the aim of coming up with new interior painting ideas, and different options for the walls and trim. We also explore your preferences and the different colour combinations that can work well with what you desire. After all the planning is done, we can move on to the actual painting.

Working method they have perfected over the years:

•    Set-up

This involves protecting all areas that are not being painted. Any items that are movable are moved, and those that cannot be moved are covered in plastic sheeting. The floor is covered with drop cloths.

•    Preparation

This involves filling cracks and holes. Stains are also cleaned off. The surface is finally sanded to make it smooth for better paint adherence

•    Painting

The surface is primed to make the colours of the top coat more vibrant. High quality paint is then applied.  2-3 coats can be applied as needed for paint saturation and uniformity.

•    Clean up

After the painting is done, our painters clean up, taking care to remove all the debris and dust. This involves cleaning off any wayward paint drops. Everything is re-arranged as it was originally. Protective covers are taken off.

•    Inspection

We do an inspection with you so that you can review the work to your satisfaction. We encourage all kinds of feedback, whether positive or negative. It helps us improve our way of doing things.

Would you like to paint your hallway or staircase? Our team of expert painters here at A Burst of Colour Painting, are always ready to lend a hand.

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