Mke sure your home office looks and feels the way you want with A Burst Of Colour’s Home Office Painting.

Home Office Painting

Painting Your Home Office

Working from home is increasingly becoming a choice for many people tired with the daily commute. But the ambience of a home office has a big effect on productivity. Colour is one of the elements of setting the right ambience in a workspace. This is because colours have a remarkable effect on emotions. Some colours make you feel relaxed and calm when handling tasks. Some will make you feel edgy and under pressure.  

If you are setting up a home office, colour consultation with a paint expert ensures that you paint the home office a colour that is positive, calming and energetic. At A Burst of Color, we have the colour experts you would need for such a job. Our Pros will take in your desires for a home workplace, and match them with the right colour.

How do we do it?

The customers input is very crucial in a painting job. That is why we do exhaustive consultations to determine what you want in a home office. We will take into account considerations like your personality, the kind of work you do, and the kind of clients you receive (if any). With these facts at hand, we can commence on a professional painting job that turns out the perfect home office.

We have a team of professional painters with vast experience on both residential and commercial painting jobs. These experts have a tried and tested working method:

  •    Setting up

This involves ensuring furniture items, upholstery and flooring are protected. Items that need to be moved are moved, and those that can’t be moved covered with plastic sheeting. Drop cloths are placed on the floor to protect against dripping paint.

  •    Preparing the surface

In this phase, the surface to be painted is prepared. This involves filling cracks, holes and dents. The surfaces are also cleared off any staining. Sanding is also done to make the surface smooth and uniform.

  •    Painting

The surfaces that have been repaired are primed to help the overcoat adhere better and make the colours more vibrant. Painting is then done, with high-quality premium products – Repaired areas are primed and premium quality paint is applied for a uniform finish.

  •    Cleaning up

Our professional painters will clean up after they finish painting. Any dust, debris and wayward drops of paint are meticulously cleaned. The furniture is arranged as it was. Finally, all the protective covers and masking tape are removed.

  •    Inspection

When we are done, we ask you to do an inspection, review our work and issue your feedback. We ensure that your wishes are fulfilled to the letter.

Are you setting up a home office? Talk to us at here at A Burst of Color. We will turn it into the perfect workspace.

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