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Older homes require special attention while painting. Here at A Burst of Colour, we often get customers wondering how to paint older homes with the fear that they might damage some structures in the process. This is partially true because structures like the roof in older homes are delicate and may not withstand heavy weights, or need to be repaired before painting. However, it is still possible to give a fresh coat of paint to an older home, with a few tips. At A Burst Of Colour, we provide professional home painting services for new homes as well as older properties.


Proper Planning & Preparation

Older homes are unique in that masons and carpenters had few rules to follow. This means that roof tiling, for example, may be laid differently with gaps where not expected. Considerable amounts of timber were used in the building structure, so it is not surprising to find rotting wood.

The house should be carefully inspected for these slight damages, and have them repaired and fixed before anything else. Rotting wood should be replaced entirely. Cracks should be caulked, and if they are too wide, filled with foam backing rod.

Small holes and cracks in the plaster should be filled with putty. If they are big, a mesh grid should be used to make a foundation on which 2-3 layers of putty will be applied. The whole area can then be sanded for smoothness. Many older homes will have water leakages if the plumbing has not been changed. The plumbing should be carefully inspected before painting over. This will prevent mold growth on the newly painted walls.


Use The Right Painting Equipment

It is not uncommon to encounter hazards like exposed electrical wiring or rotting roof trusses in older homes. This calls for extra care and using the right equipment when working on areas like the roof.

It is highly likely you will need a ladder and telescopic pole to get to the higher places on the exterior. It is advisable to work as a team of two while using a ladder. Basic ladder safety should be observed including not leaning out too far while painting. Whether you are using a sprayer, or a brush and roller, plan the job carefully so that the paint is even without unsightly flashing lines. Remember to cover surfaces that are not being painted over.


Bring Out The Best In The Home

Features of older homes like railings and buttresses come out very well when highlighted. Use a color scheme that brings out the character of the older home. For example, you could paint the railings, doors, and window sills bright white while the sidings get a pale blue.

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