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How Often Should You Paint Your Homes Interior?

How often should you paint the interior of your home? As a professional painter, we have been asked this question many times by friends, family, and especially clients.

Right out of the block, I have to note that there have been several milestones made in the manufacturing of coatings and paints, making them more durable. That coupled with non-yellowing tendencies of today’s acrylic trim paints have made homeowners a lot happier with the quality and longevity of their paint.

With normal wear & tear, and assuming that the painters do a bang-up job, you can expect your wall paint to last for 5 years to a decade. But this changes from room to room and home to home.


Hallway & Corridor Painting

Naturally, corridor or hallway walls get painted more frequent because they bear the brunt of wear & tear. You will often find finger marks, dents, cracks, scuff marks, and other unsightly marks along the walls of a hallway. Washable, high-quality paint can often add more life to these walls as it can be washed, maintained and cleaned with ease. As for the cracks and dents, they can be patched and dabbed with paint if they are situated at the corners. Unfortunately, if they are visible or cannot be repaired easily, the walls will have to be repainted. The bottom-line is that hallways are the most notorious for repaints, with some clients painting them as often as every 2 to 3 years.

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Bedroom Painting

Adult bedrooms don’t get painted as often as kid’s bedrooms for obvious reasons. A child’s bedroom gets substantially more wear and tear especially a younger child’s room because the bedroom also acts as playrooms. It’s often an excellent idea to go for a high quality paint with a higher sheen. Eggshell sheen will certainly do just fine. Another trick is to paint a section of the wall with chalkboard paint to lure the kids away from the rest of the wall. Nonetheless, children bedrooms’ wall paint doesn’t last long, even lasting as short as 2-3 years.


Bathrooms, Kitchen & Laundry Room Painting

These rooms are not only ever-busy, but their walls are often exposed to moisture, humidity, grease, and dirt. Typically, kitchen walls need paint that can frequently be washed, preferably with satin or pearl finish. For bathrooms and laundry rooms, water-based paints are recommended due to their high moisture and humidity levels. All these rooms, however, need painting every 4-5 years.


Dining Room & Living Room Painting

Although these rooms are frequently utilized, their paint often lasts longer than other rooms. Top-quality paint and prep work is still needed for the rooms to showcase top-notch décor. It’s recommended that they get painted every 5-7 years.

These are just but a few tips to guide you on the frequency of painting your interiors. However, there are numerous décor and structural factors that also have to be considered. If you require interior painting in Calgary or surrounding areas contact A Burst Of Colour. Whether you require a touch-up of a wall or a full new paint job, you can trust the professionalism and commitment to quality A Burst Of Colour brings to every project.

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