One of the important factor when painting
the interior of your home is the selection
of the right paint and other materials.

Selecting Interior Paint

So you have been thinking of doing an interior paint project. Good for you – new paint may be just what you need to take your kitchen’s, living room’s or bedroom’s décor up a notch. No matter what you’re gunning for, selecting interior paint on your own isn’t an easy task, not only are their nearly limitless colours, but there are numerous paint brands and finishes.

Whether you are doing an interior DIY paint project or working with a professional painting contractor the paint selection process can be tough. At A Burst Of Colour we work with our clients to find the best paint and the best colour for their home or commercial property helping them choose an interior paint without much hassle.


Consider The Type Of Paint

Right off the bat, you’ve to consider paint types that suit your home, business or painting project. There are basically two paint types – latex and alkyd or oil. Latex paints are widely used because they are washable with water and soap. Besides, they also dry quickly.


Consider The Paint Finish

Next up is to take into consideration the paint finish that befits the job. For low-traffic spaces, you might want to go for flat finishes which typically have an even, soft appearance.

Satin or pearl and eggshell finishes are ideal for busy rooms because they are not only washable but are also low luster. Rooms that receive a lot of wear and tear often require paint that has a semi-gloss finish because a semi-gloss paint finish is more durable than other paint finishes. Glossy finishes – which are shiny – are often used on trim work.

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Select the Right Type of Brushes

The success of your interior painting project also depends on your choice of the paint brushes. Standard painting brushes come in two broad types – the synthetic bristle brushes and natural bristle brushes.

Natural bristle brushes are often used to apply oil-based or alkyd paints. On the other hand, synthetic bristle brushes are popularly used for latex paints. Nonetheless, they can also do just fine for alkyd paints.

That being said, it is important to check out the bristles when choosing your brushes. A good brush should have bristles that are flagged or split at the ends. Additionally, they should have flexible tips. Don’t forget to buy a couple of angled sash brushes – they are best for trim work painting and for cutting in corners.


Choose Your Rollers

It is paramount that you don’t forget about the rollers.  Paint rollers are used to apply paint to a larger surface area. Your selection of rollers is largely based on the texture of the wall. If you are working on smooth walls, for instance, you will need to select a paint roller with a very short nap, preferably between 1/8-inch to 1/4 –inch. For textured walls, however, you may want to choose a little longer roller (3/8-inch to ½-inch). Choosing the right paint roller can not only save time but also save money on reapplication of paint.

Selecting your interior paint and the tools used shouldn’t be hard, but with the nearly limitless options, the process has become tedious. Try above step for a hassle-free experience when painting the interior of your home or business. At A Burst Of Colour we only work with the highest quality of paints and paint sundries to ensure a quality paint job every time. For more information on the materials we use contact us.

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