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Kitchen Painting

Kitchen painting looks deceivingly simple because the wall surface to work on is limited. Yet it presents unique challenges because the preparation, painting and cleaning a kitchen in use is tricky because of hygiene concerns. It should also be remembered that a kitchen has higher humidity and warmth levels than other rooms. These conditions are conducive for the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi, so this must also be considered.  How can proper kitchen painting be done right and easy?


Kitchen Painting Colours

Kitchen colors should encourage the appetite, yet present an atmosphere of a bright and clean place.  Warm colors like with hues of orange are good to try, while you should keep off cool colors like blue which dull the appetite.


Kitchen Painting Finish

The paint finish in a kitchen should be somewhere in between high gloss, and matte. Paint experts recommend satin semi-gloss finishing for the kitchen. This is good enough to withstand wiping, and flat enough to hide wall imperfections.

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Measure Kitchen Walls

Kitchen painting in a new kitchen accounts for painting the entire drywall. The area is easy to calculate as you multiply height by width for each side of the wall and then total up. If you are painting a kitchen in use, you will have to take measurements of the wall surface not covered by kitchen cabinets and other fixtures. Do it in patches of rectangles that can be easily calculated.


Prepare Surface

In a kitchen that is in use, cleaning the walls for painting involves cleaning off accumulated grime around the oven, stove and counters. This can be done using a solution of warm water and bleach. Remember to remove dust and cobwebs on the tops of baseboards.


Painting Products & Methods

You will need a brush.  You can then choose between a roller and a sprayer.  Brushes are for working on narrow strips such as door and window trim.  Use a roller or sprayer on the larger wall expanses. A roller is easy to control in a tightly spaced kitchen.


Protect Surfaces From Paint

When painting a finished kitchen, cover window and door trim with adhesive tape.  Lay plastic sheeting or canvas on the floor to take dripping paint. Protect appliances and cabinets by covering them with plastic sheeting. If you are using a sprayer, drape doors to adjacent rooms with plastic sheeting to keep off the mist.


Kitchen Painting Calgary

Remember to apply a primer if you are painting darker colours, or new drywall. Apply 2-3 coats as necessary to achieve the desired effect. If you are looking for professional kitchen painting in Calgary contact A Burst Of Colour. A Burst Of Colour Painting provides expertise and knowledge about proper kitchen painting products, design, and methods. Our kitchen painting services include interior wall painting, ceiling painting, cabinet painting and cabinet remodelling services.

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