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Living Room Painting

Because of the endless colour options out there for you to choose from, picking the right colour palette for your living room is a harder undertaking than it should be. The selection process can be overwhelming and daunting, particularly when you do not know which colour will suit your space and décor best.

The easiest way to pick your living room paint is to start the selection process with the colours that you love the most. Once you narrow down your options, then you can start to create a colour scheme around your favorite base colour(s). If you are looking for inspiration, here are some tips to help you pick the right living room paint colour:

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Think About The Paint

Nowadays, paint comes in a range of sheens but the most used are oil and latex. Most people prefer using latex paint because it is a lot easier to clean up and it is also quite durable. Additionally, it breathes better than oil-based paints which results in a less blistering appearance.

Oil-based paint is also great, but it is more favorable for priming real wood moldings and trim as it is capable of sealing stains and knots on a wooden surface better than latex can. Oil takes longer to dry than latex paint so you should put this into consideration when picking which variety to use.

Would You Like Sheen?

Glossy paint tends to have more sheen which is easier to clean up and maintain. If you have little ones that like writing on your walls, you should consider using gloss sheen paint as it is easier to dry up. Areas such as the kitchen should also be painted using glossy sheen. If you do not prefer a glossy finish, you can also use paint that has a satin sheen. If your walls have a lot of imperfections, paint with a matte finish could be just what you need to enhance your interior.

Colour Options

The colours that you choose will be based on your style and décor vision. If you are in the process of trying to sell your house, you should stick to white or off-white paint for your walls as it will allow your buyer to cover up the walls with their choice of paint colour. Off-white and white also makes your space appear brighter and cleaner.

If you are unsure about which paint colour you should use, you should take advantage of the experts at A Burst Of Colour as they can advise you on the best colour options for you. Booking a no-obligation consultation is easy and is the most effective use of time to make sure you get the quote and style you need for your living room.

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