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Your choice of a painter in Calgary can make a difference in your home’s value. This is because your home’s curb appeal is a large factor in the valuation of a home, which appeal is dependent a lot on how well the painting has been done. There are tons of painters around but there are only few good ones who can get the job done right. It is worrying knowing that around 20% of painters in Calgary operate without a license. It is important that the painter you are working with is licensed, insured and bonded. How would you go about picking the right painter Calgary service for guaranteed painting results?


Check For Experience

Just like many hands-on jobs, painting is something a professional becomes better at it with time and more work. When assessing a painter, ask for the number of jobs themselves as a contractor and the company has successfully completed.  If the painter is new in the business, he should at least have an apprenticeship recommendation showing he has worked on successfully completed projects.

Ask for references and testimonials to past customers. Visiting one or two homes will tell you a lot about the painter. You can talk to the homeowners to get a feel of the painter’s professionalism.

The Better Business Bureau is a good platform on which to check out any negative associations pointing at the painting service. Check if any negative comments have been sorted out. The BBB has an online platform on which you can quickly check this out.

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 Check Out Licensing & Registration

It is important that a painter Calgary service be licensed. This is to ensure that you are dealing with a legally recognized entity in case you need to engage in legal matters, for example, when contesting over the quality of work or incomplete.

A painting service should also be fully insured for third party liability as well as workers’ compensation. This is to shield you from this liability in case anything happens while the work is on-going.  You will also have the assurance that your property and assets are safe, and would be compensated in case of damages.


Ask About Guarantees

A professional painter who has used the right painting materials will not hesitate to offer a guarantee on his work.  Many painters will typically offer a guarantee of 3 years with an offer to repaint free if the paint fades, cracks or becomes unsightly during this period. You should also ask if there is an additional guarantee from the paint manufacturer.


How To Find A Painter In Calgary

There are a number of painting companies in Calgary and sometimes you don’t have the time for an elaborate selection process. This leaves looking around for work you like and getting contacts to that painter.  Family and friends are a good source of these recommendations. If you are looking for a quality painter and painting company in Calgary contact A Burst Of Colour, we are an insured and licenced painting contractor. At A Burst Of Colour, we have built our company upon our reputation and continue to maintain our high level of work and customer care. Our team works around you, and your schedule ensuring that we adhere to the needs of our clients. Contact A Burst Of Colour is you are looking for a painter Calgary for your residential or commercial property.

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