How Hiring A Professional Painter Increases Property Value

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Professional Painter

It is no secret that a home’s curb appeal determines its value more than not. A fresh coat of paint applied correctly by a professional painter can give the home a new look with a better visual appeal.  However, professional painters say that different colors work differently. This has been supported by a study done by Zillow digs which showed that different colors had different effects on a home’s value. This is an important point to consider when doing a painting project because substantial money is often involved. How do different colors work for different parts of the home?


Living Room Painting

Neutral colors are preferred for the living room. The study found that light gray and dove colors boosted the value by $1,104.  On the other hand, orange and terra-cotta shades brought down the value by over $700.


Dining Room Painting

Eggplant, lavender and mauve colors work best for the dining room, with homes having these colors seeing a value increase of $1,122. Dark colors like gray and slate are the worst for a dining room with such colored dining rooms bringing down the value by $1,112.


Bedroom Painting

Blue, light green and khaki bedrooms were the most popular with an increase in values by as much as $1,320.  The worst colors for a bedroom were brown shades.


Kitchen Painting

Warm yellow shades are the most popular for kitchen painting. However, they should not be too deep or saturated but tend towards warm neutral and buttery yellow. It was seen that kitchens with these colors had an increase of value of $1,360.

While white looks good in pictures, potential buyers felt that a white kitchen felt a bit too cold and clinical.  White colored kitchens actually had a very low increase in value, around $80.


Bathroom Painting

Light earthy colors work best for the bathroom. These could be beige, oatmeal or tan. These saw a value increase of $283.


Laundry Room Painting

Bright vibrant colors including orange, red, teal and turquoise are the best for the laundry room.


Exterior Painting & Trims

Neutral colors are the most preferred for house exteriors. There are a number of colours that can be used on the exterior and for exterior painting, but neutral colours seem to be able to increase the property value the greatest. Gray and white are the most popular. Trim that is contrasting and highlight works best, with white being preferred.


Paint Colour Finishing

Higher sheen finishing works best in the kitchen and bathrooms, while velvet, eggshell and flat finishing looks good in other rooms.

As seen above, choosing the right professional painters say add a few thousand dollars to the value of a house. If the color scheme is too confusing, it is always advisable to engage a professional to help out.

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