Ways To Paint Like A Pro

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It’s possible to paint like a pro. To do that, you have to be ready to learn. Also, be ready to work the way professional painters do. Moreover, you have to understand that professional painters try to keep their mistakes to a minimum.


Below are a few ways you can copy to paint like a pro.

Check the weather

Rain is bad for the paint. Where possible, try to restrict yourself to only painting when the conditions (mostly weather) are dry. Otherwise, the paint will not dry properly. If you must paint in wet or humid weather, avoid rushing through the task. Take your time!


Carry out a thorough inspection

Inspect the areas you plan to paint thoroughly. Visual inspection will often suffice. Sand and scrape the peeling, flaking or cracked areas lightly before commencing. Sand and scrape before you apply any fresh paint or primer. Inspect the surface for greasy spots.


Use the best painting supplies and tools

Pros do not use substandard tools. Instead, they only use the best. Follow suit by investing in the best painting tools and supplies. Use high-quality brushes and roller covers.  Spend money on the best painter’s tape too.


Know the best nap to apply

Know the kind of nap to apply with the roller covers. To do this, you have to evaluate the surface’s texture carefully. Thicker naps are ideal for walls with more texture. Going too quick would mean creating more texture in unwanted places.


Protect the surrounding surfaces

Protect all surfaces you don’t want the paint to fall on. Cover all the floors and furniture. Cover all hardware too. Be ready with the right number of drop cloths. Don’t forget to protect the doorknobs too.


Take the light switches out

It only takes you an average of five minutes to remove the light switch. While at it, remember to remove the outlet covers as well. You may ignore this step only to remain with nothing but regrets when you see the mess the paint leaves behind on the switch and cover.


Using Primer

A primer is essential to any paint job. A separate primer is highly recommended if you last painted the surface several years ago. Otherwise, a combination of painting and priming would be fine for any frequently painted surface.

Buy all the paint you need at once to avoid stopping midway to dash to the store to get a new supply only to discover the one you want is not in stick. Work with the roller well while letting it to do its job. When painting, start from top to the bottom.


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