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Painting Company Calgary

Whether you are looking to do a fresh coat of paint, or you want to change colors and touch up, you likely require the services of a painting company. Many people assume that the services offered by a painting company are only the physical application of the paint. While this is partially true, there is much more that goes into a proper painting job than just applying paint on a surface. The following are include services offered by a painting company.


House Painting Company

Who wouldn’t want a great looking home? A home’s curb appeal starts with the exterior. Great looking walls, roof, and exterior surfaces make a big visual impact. A painting company can provide brick painting, vinyl siding coatings, stucco painting, door painting, window sills and any other exterior painting services that will help to have your home looking its best. If your house is looking a bit dull, brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint and see how the value jumps.

If you need your house’s interior painted, a painting company will do the job too. This includes working on different rooms like the bedrooms or bathrooms. You can make your house look livelier by using different color schemes for each room.

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Commercial Painting Company

First impressions matter a lot in business. Customers will not want to walk into dull looking premises. They will have a biased view of any prospective business. This especially true for service businesses like hotels, bars, restaurants, hospitals, schools and any other businesses that depend on customer trust.

If you need to make your storefront vibrant or change colors when rebranding, a professional painting company would be your best bet to update the appearance of your business or commercial property. You can also make your premises’ interior more customer friendly and relaxed by using the right color combinations.


What To Expect From A Calgary Painting Company

A professional painting company will do the job by following the right procedures:

  • A discussion of what is desired from the job with an inspection of the site
  • Well defined consultations on the choice of paint color and finishing. This involves confirming the color choice for each surface area
  • A plan to protect the adjacent properties and landscaping. This involves pulling back the flowers and shrubs and covering any surfaces that are not being painted including the grass.
  • Proper preparation on the surfaces to be painted including scraping, sanding, washing, sealing
  • Careful choice of the right products

Here at A Burst of Color, we have everything to ensure that your painting job comes out great. There is special equipment to get to hard-to-reach areas and ensure the paint is applied evenly and properly. There are a number of painting companies in Calgary, and the choice can be challenging for a home or business owner. At A Burst Of Colour, we have experienced professional painters who have worked on different types of surfaces. If you are looking for a painter Calgary trust the professionals at A Burst Of Colour.

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