Things To Consider Before Hiring A Painting Contractor

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Painting Contractor

There are painting contractors that give the industry a bad name with their dishonest billing and poor quality of work. Here at A Burst of Colour, we see customers coming to us to correct poorly done work by other unscrupulous contractors. That is why you should go through your list of things to consider before hiring a painting contractor.


Experience Of Painting Contractor

Has the painting contractor handled other jobs like yours? How long has he been in business? What was the last project and is he willing to provide references? These are some of the questions you should ask when looking at a contractor’s experience. If he is new in the contracting business, he should at least have papers showing qualifications and apprenticeship projects he was involved in.


Warranty Of Painting Contractor

Do not neglect to get a warranty in writing. The contractor should be willing to guarantee his work for a period of time. This should also include the warranty on materials used. Typically, painting contractors will offer a 2-year warranty on work done and materials. A manufacturer’s warranty on materials is an added advantage as this typically starts at 10 years.


Painting Project Duration

The contractor should be able to give a clear timeline on the project. It is a good idea to check out any other engagements the contractor may have which would hold him back or disrupt his services. Agree on a start and end date. The contractor should also lay out a plan on how to deal with any disruptions when they occur.


Painting Sub-Contractors Used

Sub-contracting arrangements are often to blame for poorly done work. This is because the sub-contractor is usually paid lower than the amount you pay for the job, so he is in a hurry to complete the job and go to another. Be clear if the contractor is planning to take on the whole project alone or where he plans to engage sub-contractors and under what terms and conditions.


Property Protection

Painting is usually a messy affair while it is ongoing. Paint stains on the carpet are stubborn to remove. Let the contractor lay out a plan for protection of items especially when doing interior painting. If doing exterior painting ensures the shrubs, flowers, and grass are also protected.


Payments Of Painting Contractor

Agree on the payment schedule. If it is a sizeable project, agree the milestones on which payments will be done, and the percentage of payments. It is advisable not to pay any deposit or upfront fees. It is also advisable to agree on any unexpected expenses that may come up, for example, the project taking up more materials than the budgeted amount.

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