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DIY vs. Professional Painting:  Which is the Better Option?

Some people will often try out a small painting job by themselves with mixed results. This would be OK if you are retouching a single wall. But if you are remodeling your living room, DIY painting is a rather suspect way of doing things. A big project requires good skills in planning and budgeting, not to mention sourcing of materials and equipment. While doing a DIY project offers the advantages of cost and a sense of accomplishments, there is a lot of room for costly errors. A professional approach to a big job like painting your house anew or major remodeling offers several advantages over DIY painting.


Every job has the technical knickknacks that are not apparent to the untrained. Does your wall require a sealant to keep off moisture? What kind of paint goes best with what building material?  Do you require a primer? These are technical questions that can only be adequately answered by a trained painter. These small details make all the difference in how the end results come out. If you painted a concrete wall without a primer, for example, the end result would be a dull look.  Using the expertise of a professional painter saves you mistakes that will cost you later.


If you are painting the exterior wall of a one-story home DIY style, you will realize that you are under-resourced as you try to stretch further out to reach the higher spaces. The simple fact is that you do not have the required equipment for the job. You need high ladders, telescope rollers, brushes of different dimensions and so on.  If you are working on a big project, you also need more hands on the job. A professional painting service has the men and the equipment at the ready.


There are skills that are perfected with experience like a steady hand at cutting the trim. A new hand at doing these things just doesn’t bring out the perfect results. Professional workmanship shows in small details such as evenness of the color on a surface, or a perfect- straight trim. The truth is that a professional painter will have better-looking results.


Working at heights, and with combustible materials like thinners comes with an element of risk. A professional painter knows how to handle these risks better.

Save time

With better skills and resources, a professional painter is able to handle even big projects on a tight timeline.

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