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Residential Exterior Painting

A house’s curb appeal largely depends on the way residential exterior painting has been done.  Exterior painting has the dual purpose of making a house look attractive while giving a protective cover against the vagaries of weather. For the exterior painting to come out correct, the painter has to get right the choice of paint and techniques, suitable for the exterior surface materials.  Use these tips to make the exterior painting come out right.


Consider Natural Elements

The best weather for painting is when the weather is cool but dry to allow for gradual drying. Paint will not adhere well to wet surface. If it is too hot, the paint dries up from the top leading to cracking.


Use A Quality Painter

Residential exterior painting is a costly project, but it should be taken as a long-term investment. Consideration for quality should supersede that of price. Good quality paints are expensive but the cost is worth it.  Good quality paint is able to withstand harsh weather extremes without cracking, peeling or blistering.  Spending slightly more money upfront will save you more money that you would have to spend frequently on touching up, after using poor quality paints.

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Preparing the exterior for painting

Cleaning properly ensures that paint adheres well on the surface. Dust, mud and other marks should be cleaned off with water and a weak bleach solution if necessary. Allow the surface to dry before sanding. Peeling paint should be scraped off.

Rotting siding or wood trimming should be chipped or cut off and replaced if the rot is extensive. On a small area, the rot can be dug out and filler used to cover the surface.


Priming The Walls

Applying a coat of primer helps the paint to adhere better. Apply a coat of primer, sand and then apply the top coat. For better color results, you can tint the primer by mixing it with a bit of the top coat paint. Newer paints combine the primer and top coat in one product.


Exterior paint Color consistency

It is common to realize that more paint than estimated is required. If you need to use different brands of paint, mix the different cans in one large container. This way, you will have color tone consistency.


Adding Exterior Painting Texture

When painting surfaces where people walk, for example, the porch floor, add some sand to give the surface some texture. This ensures that the surface does not become too slippery when wet.


Protect Exterior Surfaces & Greenery

Outdoor furniture, grills, and hoses should be covered. Flowers and grass adjacent to surfaces being painted can be covered using canvas.

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