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Residential Interior Painting

Doing residential interior painting in a habited house is a tricky affair. The work needs to be done in a short time to reduce the disruption, but at the same time the results should be perfect as this is a long-term investment.  While a big interior painting is best handled by a professional service, there are a few tips and tricks that can be deployed by any painter to make this work quick, easy while achieving good results.


Use Quality Painting Materials

Cheap is expensive. Avoid those multi-pack rollers and brushes that come with amazing discounts. Poor quality brushes leave streaks on the wall, while poor quality rollers will leave fuzz on the wall. Use good quality tools for good results.


Interior Painting Process

The order of work should always be top down. This is because paint will always drip even with the best care. Painting top down allows covering unwanted spots as you go along. The proper order of painting should be first paint the ceiling, followed by the interior walls, and trim, followed by cabinet painting and if need be the painting of the doors.

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Avoid Overlap Marks

Overlap marks will occur when the painting is done with a dry edge. Always keep a wet edge and paint away from it.


Loose Paint

Testing for adherence should be done to avoid paint peeling off in the near future. This can be easily done using the duct tape test. Take a strip of duct tape and stick it on dried paint. Pull off the duct tape abruptly using a little force.  If the duct tape shows specks of paint that are larger than pinheads, the paint has not adhered properly and may need to be scraped, sanded and re-applied.


Caring for Paint Brushes

One of the challenges in a residential interior painting project lasting several days is how to care for brushes. If they are left in open air, the dried up paint makes them useless. One way to make cleaning easier is by sloshing in water (for latex paints), or solvent (oil-based paints) at the beginning of the day. This makes cleaning easier at the end of the day.

If you don’t want to clean them, wrap them in a plastic bag ensuring that the wrapping is airtight. Place the brushes or rollers in a cool place. Some people will place them in the fridge.


Keep Hands Clean

Painting is a messy job and could leave your hands unsightly for a couple of days. Avoid this by wearing latex gloves. If you find gloves uncomfortable, apply a thick layer of hand lotion. The paint sticks loosely on the skin making it easier to wash off.

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