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Siding Painting

The Preparation and Process of Siding Painting

Homeowners and commercial property owners are often advised to paint their siding when they are interested in adding value to their home or property. With the right paint and colour choice, siding painting can give the exterior of your home a different look without having to invest a lot of money or replacing your old siding.

If your siding needs an update, applying paint to it can help to improve its durability and it can make it a lot easier to maintain and clean. Repainting your siding also guarantees that your siding is protected from the elements thanks to the newest coating technology that is used in most paint types.

The preparation and process of siding painting

When painting the siding, the first critical step to making sure that you achieve professional quality results involves preparing the surface. Simply running a hose over the surface will not cut it; you should use a cloth or a soft bristled brush to remove any mildew, mold or build up of debris from the surface.

If there are any parts of the siding that have peeled, flaked or bubbled, you will have to scrape these areas off to guarantee that the paint you apply adhered.

To prime or not to prime?

Unless the original colour of the siding has faded away, you will not need a primer. The use of a primer is recommended if your siding is pitting or if is showing signs of deterioration. Based on what condition your siding is in, your siding may need to be spot primed or full primed. In any case, you are advised to match your primer to the paint that you are using to get the most desirable results.

Paint application

Before the painting process commences, the windows and surrounding fixtures must be masked and covered to prevent unnecessary overspray. The application process can be done using a roller or a paint sprayer, which will ensure that your work does not have any visible edges or corners. If there is any patio furniture close by, remove them from the vicinity to protect them from damage.

Coat the entire surface evenly taking care not to apply too much paint on one area. Several coats will be required for a quality finish but they should be thin; allow each thin layer to dry completely before applying the next one. In most cases, you can get a finished look with two coats although it all depends on the state of your siding before the re-painting is done.

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