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Stucco Painting Calgary

It is no secret that stucco painting is one of the most attractive ways to finish the exterior of a house. It is simple and easy to implement with the right products and stucco painting Calgary Company. But many people shy off stucco painting their houses for the misinformed belief that the stucco will peel and crack in short time. This is not true. Stucco painted walls can remain attractive for a long time when the stucco painting is done professionally. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking to do attractive stucco painting.


Using Stucco Painting Products

There are two main types of paints used in stucco painting; latex and elastomeric paints. Latex paints are good for applying on previously done stucco when changing colors or for touching up. Elastomeric paints are good for applying on freshly done stucco. They require more work including backrolling and brushing. The good thing is that many elastomeric paint sellers will be willing to offer warranties of 10-15 years on their products.

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Stucco Painting Techniques

Latex paints are quicker to apply. One full coat should be done followed by another full coat in 3-4 hours. It is different with elastomeric paints. The paint manufacturers recommend that the initial coat should be sprayed on followed by backrolling to press the paint into the material. This should be followed by another sprayed coat, which is then brushed to give the stucco the desired look. It is also recommended to apply the paint 75-100 sq. ft. per gallon.  Remember that cheap is expensive. If you are looking for a job that will come out well and last for years, go for high-quality paints even if they are pricier.


Stucco Painting Company Calgary

The stucco painting Calgary Company you contract can make all the difference. This is what you should expect from the right company:

  • A discussion of what is desired from the job with an inspection of the site
  • Well defined consultations on the choice of paint color and finishing. This involves confirming the color choice for each area
  • A plan to protect the adjacent properties and landscaping. This involves pulling back the flowers and shrubs and covering any surfaces that are not being painted including the grass.
  • Proper preparation on the surfaces to be painted including scraping, sanding, washing, sealing
  • Careful choice of the right products

You should go for a stucco painting company that replies to your queries promptly with staff that are sound professional and can give good ideas on how to go about the job. If you require stucco painting in Calgary or surrounding areas contact A Burst Of Colour, we use the proper techniques and the best products available for stucco painting. We provide free estimates and service residential and commercial properties.

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