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Stucco is a great product and coating that lasts.

Stucco Painting

Stucco is attractive and also gives very good protection on the exterior wall. The mixture of cement, lime, sand, and water forms a hard protective layer that is weather resistant.  However, you will need to freshen up the coat once in a while as stucco is liable to cracks, chipping, fracturing and fading. The fact remains that stucco is an excellent choice for a residential house. For the stucco painting to come out properly here is how to do it.


Consider The Stucco Painting

If there is stucco already in place, go over it carefully to check for cracks, chipping, and fractures. These need to be fixed before a new coat of paint. Dirt and dust should also be cleaned off using a pressure washer. A setting of 3500 psi will readily loosen any dirt.

Consider the texture of your stucco. Rougher texture requires an aggressive nap and more paint while a smoother texture requires less paint. Choose between a sprayer and a roller. While spraying is faster and uses less material, it tends to leave lines. But you can do final touching with the roller.


Choose Stucco Paint

There are a number of products and brands when choosing stucco paint. When you are painting the stucco of your home whether it is with a professional stucco painting company or a DIY project avoid using high gloss paint and opt for flat or low-sheen products. When selecting the stucco paint try to go for high-quality acrylic masonry paints.

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Preparing Surface For Stucco Painting

There are steps in the stucco painting process that begins with preparation. Start with the coverage of all areas that will not be painted including doors, vents, and windows. Old newspapers or cardboard are easy to tape up and take down. Cracks and small gaps should be caulked up with paintable caulk. Remember to apply caulking wherever wood meets stucco. If the stucco is of a rough texture roughen up the caulk with a paint brush to match the texture.

For a brighter finish, consider applying a coat of primer before painting. An acrylic primer for masonry paints works very well. Allow it to dry completely before applying paint.


Stucco Painting Calgary

The best weather for stucco painting would be moderate humidity and temperatures ranging 10-32 degrees Celsius (50-90 F). Start by painting the perimeter of the wall with a brush including areas around any trim, doors, and windows.

If you are using a roller, pick one with a nap of at least 3/8 inches which will get to the low spots and make an even coat. If you are using a sprayer, use quick and short bursts as opposed to long bursts. This will have a more blended in look and avoid making hard lines.

For unpainted stucco, get enough paint for two coats. Apply a primer and then a second coat of primer plus paint. You can add a third coat of paint only to have a more vibrant look. If you require stucco painting Calgary trust the painting professionals at A Burst Of Colour, we proudly offer stucco painting services and stucco restoration, our team can show you how to paint stucco and ensure a quality application is done to the exterior of your home or business.

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