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Choosing Stucco Paint

Perfectly painted stucco house is irresistible, and its curb appeal is superb. But picking the perfect colour can get a bit confusing. There are just too many choices to pick from. However, there are a few tips that can point you to the perfect paint for your residential or commercial building.


Preference Of Stucco Paint

Your house says a lot about your personality. In the end, it is your own home and if you can live with the choices, your guests will learn to live with it too. What are your favourite colours? Do they blend well together? How much maintenance work are you prepared to put in?

But as much as your personal preferences come first, it is important to be considerate of your neighbourhood.  Having a bright orange home in the midst of a village of white homes is a bit odd.


Stucco Paint On Your Home

Different buildings, both residential and commercial, can be described differently. This description is mostly subjective depending on how the person doing the description perceives the personal style, location and architecture of the building. Some of the common descriptions include:

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Modern Stucco Paint

This features lots of clean lines and sharp angles. White and shades of gray go very well with modern styles.

Elegant Stucco Paint

Different colours are used to create a sense of elegance in this style. Neutral tones like grey are used on the walls, while contrasting colours go on the trim, for example, orange. Brown and beige colours also go well with white.

Earthy Stucco Paint

Hues of brown and beige create an earthy and rustic feel. If the house is in a location with lots of vegetation, complimentary greens and browns can also look very good. These colours can blend the building into the surroundings very well.

Stucco Paint Based On Architecture

Different architectural styles go well with different colours. Colour can be used to highlight the attractive features of an architectural style. Common architectural styles include:

Mediterranean Style Stucco Paint

This is a popular style in the coastal areas. This style has a sunny disposition that is brought out by bright colours with yellow and orange working very well for this style. White is also a popular choice for the Mediterranean style.

Cape Cod Style Stucco Paint

This is defined by white and cream tones that are contrasted with black, red or green trim.

Art Deco Style Stucco Paint

This style will feature clean lines and angles that are complemented by abstract features such as arches and porches. This is a style with a coastal feel so sandy tones work well for it.

Modern Style Stucco Paint

Clean symmetrical lines feature in this style. Neutral colours like grey, ivory, and shades of white work best when contrasted with black or red accents.

Are you having trouble choosing stucco paint? Talk to us as A Burst of Color Painting, and we will be glad to help.

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