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Trim Painting

Many painters are often discouraged by the hours spent doing paint preparation. Masking tape has to be stuck in areas that do not need paint, floor cloths laid to cover the floor, and electrical fixtures removed. There are few shortcuts to this. However, one trick that can save you a lot of time is cutting-in.

This technique involves manually drawing straight lines alongside surfaces that are not being painted. This eliminates the need for painter’s tape or masking tape. This technique is mostly used when doing trim painting. The only way to learn this technique is by practice. If you require professional trim painting services in Calgary contact the professional painters at A Burst Of Colour Painting for a free, no-obligation estimate.


Tools Needed For Trim Painting

At A Burst Of Colour, we start out with a 2-inch brush. Our professionals use a sash brush or commonly called an angled brush. We use a cut bucket, which is a bucket without a lip, which does not allow paint to accumulate on the brush. We also make sure we always use masking tape to protect the walls, floor, and ceiling, applying it on a straight line for best possible results.

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Best Paint For Trim Painting

Fill the bucket up to 2 inches with paint. Dip the brush about ½ inches, and drag it on the sides of the bucket to squeeze off excess paint. Ensure it is dry by dragging it across the ‘lip.’


Trim Painting Tips

How to hold the brush

Hold the brush close to the bristles. You will not need the handle for this delicate task. Hold it just you would hold a pen or pencil.

How to place the brush

The bristles should form a sharp angle on the surface like a wedge. You should start drawing your line from the sharp end of this wedge.

How to move the brush

The bristles should move along the line that you want to draw. Allow the brush to fan out with the outermost bristles doing most of the drawing. Use the crescent method. This is where you draw along the line for a few inches and then draw the brush towards you.

Try getting the crescents flatter and flatter until they can join in a relatively straight line. With practice, you will eventually be able to draw a flat line.


Why Trim Painting Is Important

If you are spending a good amount of time painting, it would be worthwhile to practice cutting-in. there are a few benefits of putting in the hours of practice:

Minimal prep time: You start painting immediately without applying painter’s tape

Quicker painting: Unlike typical painting where you have to wait for paint to dry so that you can apply masking tape, you do not have to wait when doing the cutting in. You can also see how colors look together and make quick adjustments if necessary.

Cutting-in technique for trim painting is a useful trick to muster, whether you are a DIY painter or a pro. It will save you time and money.

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